Friday, November 10, 2006

Growing Up

Please respond to both questions: Why do you think growing up, as a teenager, this day and age, can be so difficult or such challenge? What is the one thing you wish for, (seriously), during this time in your life?


Blogger Joyce B. said...

I think growing up, as a teenager, these days is so hard because, of some of the new tecnology, such as My Space and the dangers online. When kids grow up, these days, they have to worry about things like locking the door when they are home alone or leaving the house. A while back, when the communities were smaller and most people knew each other, you didn’t have to worry about rodders or kidnappers much. The main reason that growing up, these days, is so much harder is because of how many more dangers there are. I think throughout my life my deepest wish is to make great friends and keep them all my life. When ever I am having a bad day my friends are there to cheer my up and I never want to lose that. When I started high school this year I got to see friends I haven’t seen in three years. Just today I found out one girl I had seen in the hall a couple of times was one of my friends from elementery school and she looked so different I hadn’t recognized her. But it is nice to know I am still laughing with some of my friends from elementery school ever though it has been a while were still the same people inside.

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Blogger Adam T said...

Growing up as a teenager in this day and age, can be difficult and it can be a challenge. This is because there are more responsibilities, pressures, and expectations. As you get older, your parents and society believe that you can handle it. Sometimes, this can become very hard. If you have too much to deal with at one time, it can become overwhelming. But, if you are in this situation, you cannot worry about it. Life is too short to let something worry you. With responsibilities, also comes more freedom though. This can be a good thing. As you get older, your parents also trust you more and let you do things that maybe you were not allowed to do when you were in middle school. The one thing that I wish for during this time in my life, is for me to keep a positive attitude, and not to let dumb things frustrate and worry me. I have to enjoy my high school years, and I cannot let something get in the way of that. If I stay on top of my grades and sports, my life is very fun and exciting.

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Blogger Hannah J said...

I think growing up as a teenager in this day and age is difficult because of all of the pressure that is put on us and all of the changes we are going through. At this age, I think pressure comes from a lot of significant people in our lives such as, parents, friends, coaches, and teachers. I think there is a lot of pressure on us to always be better, whether that means trying harder in school to meet expectations of teachers and parents or pressure to be better in your sport or a better friend. Also there is a lot of change in our lives like going into high school. And starting to figure out who we want to be and where we fit it, and the types of people we want to be with. There are a lot of times as a teenager where we don’t have answers and we have to figure tough things out by ourselves. These times of uncertainty and curiosity can be very difficult. I hope that in my high school years and life I can continue to become more comfortable just being myself and knowing that I am trying my hardest. I think life is too short to spend time not being yourself and letting people get you down. I want to be able to take each day as it comes and not worry about what’s going to happen.

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Blogger Kelsey W said...

I think growing up, as a teenager, this day in age, can be difficult because a lot of teens juggle sports, school, friends, relationships, family and a social life. That does not mean that all teens do. Different teens may have to deal with different things that make their life hard. One thing I wish for in this period of my life is a better relationship with all people that I know. I wish this because I think friends are the most important thing in life besides family and god. I believe this because sometimes you can tell your friends almost anything, and sometimes it is easier to talk to friend more than your parents.

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Blogger Jason K. said...

Growing up right now is really hard. There are a lot more dangers now then their was a long time ago. Teenagers have to worry about stuuf going online, and other stuff in thw world. People thin that we have to be better then we have to and, a lot of the time we want to just to be kids. Right now I really wish that my sister wouldn't have to go to college in a different state. I want her to go DU so that she could stay home. she has tought me so much. I am really glad that she is happy at college, but I still miss her so much. My only wish that i have right now is that my sister would always be home for me.

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Blogger rachelb said...

I think that growing up in this is difficult because there are a lot of expectations for teenagers. We are expected to be the best, be the coolest, have the most money, and so much more. This can be a bad thing because sometimes teens will do anything achieve these expectations. I wish that I will be firm in my beliefs and not do anything that I don’t think I should do. I can do this by making good friends that the same morals that I do. It makes it easier to make difficult choices if there is a good friend there that can help.

3:22 PM  
Blogger max l said...

I think there are many reasons that growing up as a teenager can be hard and also not so hard for me personaly. First because it is hard because you go through usually 2 schools when you are at this age and it is hard to get to know everyone. Also because there is a lot of work involved with school and maybe a lot of stress can result from that. Also there can be a lot of pressure from parents or teachers to do well in school and that also can result in stress. It can also be easy to be a teenager too. You get more privledges as teenager than as kid this a nice thing. So there are benefits to being a teenager and hardships of it too.

3:46 PM  
Blogger strahan k said...

I think that growing up as a teenafer today is difficult for a couple of reasons. One there are a lot nore pressures a responisbility's and things like peer pressure. Also becase we need to live up to everyones expectations of us not to make the same mistakes in life as adults have done before us. And third because of the media. They put out the new stiles that make us want to get all the clothes and technologies that come out. Honeslty you don't need an iPod that can hold like three million songs. You really don't. I dont think I've listened to that many songs in my whole 14 years of living. It's really probably only 30,000 songs. Some thing that I would wish for now is to get good grades in school and prepare my self for life in "the real world". By making good choices and stuff like that. I also hope tha I can just have fun with my friends through out high school.

3:59 PM  
Blogger Lauren L said...

Growing up as a teenager this day and age can be difficult sometimes. When we were younger our parents would do things for us like do our laundry and clean our rooms for us. As we all get older, our parents have more expectaions and responsibilities. Parents can also trust us more, which could be a good thing. When parents trust us more they start letting you stay out later and doing places alone, they use to not let us go to alone. The hardest part of growing up for me right now is just going through changes and trying to fine my true friends. The one thing i really need or want during this time in my life would have to be true friends that love me for who I am.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Sara A. said...

I think that these days a lot f people are living under the influences of other people. I think that most of the time when you are growing up you feel intimidated by all of the older students and people that look down on you. With the technology that we have now a days there are a lot more things that can hurt you. There are also the advertisements that tell you that doing this will be "cool" and a lot of people that don't feel good about themselves believe that and eventually hurt themselves by listening to those people. A lot of teenagers are also pressured by their peers into smoking or doing drugs. The thing that I wish for is that I won't fall under the influences of others. When you are following a crowd then they are influencing you.

4:55 PM  
Blogger mattc said...

I think growing up as a teenager is difficult in many ways. Being a teenager is stressful because I'm always having to have high grades and high challenges. In my family i am always having to study for something and doing for the future. Every week i have two tutors three times a week, studying for a test or getting ready for the biggest test of my life; the S.A.T. I always find my self thinking of the future and what is going to happen to me. thinking of what job i am going to get and where am I going to live. If i had one wish, any kind of wish, I would wish that I had the college i desire to go to and the job I want. This college i desire is Michigan University and the job i want is to be a doctor.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Ky K. said...

I think growing up this day in age is very difficult because we have so much to live up to, and there are so many expectations for us. I think it is hard for us because parents and friends expect so much of us so they make us work really hard, especially in school. Another difficulty is like Joyce said, there is much technology and there are dangers online as well as in everything we do from going to the movies to just hanging around our neighborhood. Something else that makes growing up difficult is that everyone is getting smarter, and so they can steal your things or do something to you. If I could have one wish than I would wish to go to the NBA. Basketball is my love, and it would be awesome to play against Carmelo, LeBron, A.I., etc. I think it would be so cool to go to the NBA, even if I had to work two jobs just to help my family succeed I would still want to do it because I just love basketball.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Jared D said...

I think the hardest part of being a teenager during this day and age is the reputation everyone has on teenagers. It's hard to go anywhere without bring suspicion. I've done some stuff that could of fit into that reputation but that is why it's hard. Because we all do those stupid things. But I still hate when the security gaurd at King Soopers follows you around. Most of the time I'm not even doing anything wrong. Atleast most of the time. I wish people could understand we are not all up to no good. SO watch us on your security cameras but dont follow us around.

5:55 PM  
Blogger Tabitha M said...

1)I believe that growing up today is the same as going up in any time period. All we hear about is how hard it will be and that we have to learn even more. But if you were born in like the 60's and were going up you still would be having a hard time learning a lot and the new challenges coming up. Like when the computer became big, teenagers had to change their education to go forward in the future. I believe it is the same for teenagers in any time period.

2) There are a lot of things I wish for. But right now I wish for environment awareness and for a healthier products that we can eat. That sounds totally cliche ,but as I grow older, I have reliezed that when people don't recycle, don't through away their trash(even at someone), and don't use oxone safe products, that we are slowly killing away the Earth. And also as a kid I definitely lived off lunchables and other factory and chemical made foods, but it is ruining our community, with overweight people, and killing them with problems caused by eating those products. That is my cliche wish.

Tabitha M

6:15 PM  
Blogger Danielle H. said...

I think growing up into a teenager now a day is put on us to fast. We are supposed to become adults in a short period of time. Once we hit the age of a "teenager" we are suppose to be as mature as our parents. I believe it takes time to handle pressure that comes along with responsibilities. We are pressured into doing thing in middle school and high school that our parents did in college or older. For instance sexually, once you hit high school you are suppose to grow up physically. Though some don't and are not ready for some experiences. Also there are more expectations from our parents. We are supposed to be perfect, successful teenagers. Though our friends are next to us taunting us to do something we shouldn't. If I could wish for one thing, it would be to make smart decisions and not ruin my dreams over one stupid decision. I wish to know what the right thing to do is. Now a days your parent will tell you one thing and your friends the exact opposite. How do I know which thing to do? That is why I wish to know what the "right" thing to do is.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Jenna F said...

Growing up is one of the many and greatest challenges we face in our lives. It may seem like the hardest but we have yet to face the most difficult tests, some never have to face them. When we are teenagers growing up is a challenge because you are against the world. You have to make decisions, that will influence you for as long as you live. As a teenager we face different people, different cultures and different emotions. People can hate you and you can love someone but in the end only your choices bring you out of your love and sorrow. Just because you love someone and they love you doesn't mean you are invincible. Any choices you made up to that point can harm you and that loved one. Each choice influences who you, what you love and who loves you. This world is built for people to make decisions and either save them or hurt them. No choice, whether you make it as a teenager going through a hard growing time or an adult trying to make it big in the world, is no less important. Even choices that seem insignifacant can be huge in some aspect of your life. People try to avoid these choices but the more you avoid them the more signifacant they become. Never let a little thing become a huge thing. Each choice has an effect on a person when they are a teenager. We, as teenagers, have to face more and more of these decisions. Everyone does but you just face more as a teenager, that is why it is so hard. You are growing up and each decision is hitting you faster and faster. Then you become a frustrated wreck but if you truly belive you can make it through that time you will be able to do it. Just belive and growing up as a teenager will be a snap.
The one thing I wish for is the ability to make the right choices. The ability to look at every angle and be able to affect my life for the better. I know that I will not always make the right decision but as long as it is right in my mind I will be able to do it. That is all I need to achieve my wish, to belive I will accomplish it.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Colby K said...

Growing up, as a teenager, this day and age, can be so difficult and such a challenge because you have many responsibilities, expectations, and you feel like what you say doesn't matter. Responsibilities that I struggle with are sports and school. I am responsible for showing up to the sports and then coming home and doing my homework. I get no time to just relax. Then comes expectations, which is the biggest burden all teens face. My expectations are to get good grades, do well in my sports, and win in my sports. It is really tuff. Especially when you lose. You feel like you left everyone down and that you suck. I hate it. After that, I have to face not being heard or recognized. It feels like nothing you say matters because adults think that no matter what, they know more then some teenager. It gets annoying and frustrating. The one thing that I wish for during my lifetime is to win a gold medal and be an engineer. I have always wanted to win a gold medal and I have also always wanted to be an engineer. If I had to choose between one or the other I would deinitly choose to win a gold medal though.

8:58 PM  
Blogger KYLE S said...

As time goes on it gets more and more difficult. And the reason is because all this technoligy that is ment to make lfe easyer is making sertain things harder because you have to learn to opperate them. Also with things on tv and stuff now are teaching kids things that in the past people didnt learn for a while and the technoligy is speeding up growing up. but this isnt all bad because it does help to know sertain things. but also technoligy isnt always that safe because the freaks that are out there wanting to steal your credit card numbers or sexualy harass people. The on thing that i truly wish for is to make it somewere with snowboarding and i know that i can so ya.

9:05 PM  
Blogger Kevin Y said...

Growing up now as a teenager is very difficult. Most kids have tons of homework which is takes up the majority of their time resulting in stress. When you try to make free time, it normally ends up at the end of the day and then you stay up later getting less sleep making it hard to consentrate at school. Then you do bad at school and your parents get mad at you about your grades and that puts more stess on you. Also when you grow up you have more responsibility and it is challenging to handle it sometimes. I wish that I will always keep a positive attitude towards things because it makes life more enjoyable.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Brianne D. said...

Growing up as a teenager in this day and age is difficult. We have a lot of expectations and because we live in a different time. Being a teenager is hard because we have a lot of things going on during this time, hormones and trying to fit in and finding ourselves in the world. There is a lot of pressure on us at this time. We’re changing and we have to deal with all the school work and drama in our lives. I wish I had more independence right now. I can't walk to school by myself because there is too much danger that could happen. I wish that I could feel free to do anything I want without having to worry about what could happen to me. This day and age it is different to grow up as a teenager, because we have a lot of weight on our shoulders.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Mike W. said...

Growing up as a teenager is a difficult task that everyone has to go through in life. It isn't like anyone has just skipped their teen years and just go straight to 20. We all have challenges such as school,sports, and maybe even a job. I am truly starting to develop mentally and physically. I even have seen other people developing so fast that they even look like my dad. Teenagers are nieve, they can never be trusted with a privelege. I am not the best responsibility-taker, but I am not stupid. I have seen young teens giving out their personal information on the Internet multiple times. Those people are the ones that need to learn about self-protection. Teenage life is just a phase that we all go through. We all have to deal with it if you like it or not.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Morgan H said...

Growing up as a teenager! Many people ask, is growing up now days hard? I whould definatly say yes. It is really hard when most teens are juggeling so many different activites including sports, grades, friends, family, relationships, and then that personal time. I think that teenagers are day in age, have a difficult time trying to grow up. We are trying to find that place in the world where we belong. We are still struggeling with what is right and wrong. Sometimes we crumble under the preasure of our family and friends and sometimes we get tempted to do the wrong things. Adults always tell their children and other children to stay away from drugs, sex, and alcohol. I don't think that they relize that, well from at least my point and view, especially at Arapahoe there are not as many kids drinking alcohol as parents think. I have thought and thought and now have decided that my generation has looked upon the generations before them and seen how doing all the bad things has affected their lifes in such a negative aspect that they dont want to ruin their life by makeing stupid decisions. I think that that is the hardest part about growning up as a teenager, these days. Adults need to relize that we have control, and maybe just need to trust us a little bit more, and we as teenagers need to take that responsibility and control of what our future holds, by the decisions we make for ourselfs.

7:18 PM  

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