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What is the purpose of learning? What are the purpose of grades?


Blogger Phillip G. said...

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Blogger Phillip G. said...

Learning is an unstoppable thing in life. You'll never know everything but you'll never know nothing. Its always good to learn new stuff about different things cause you'll never know when it'll come in handy. The more we learn during school, the more oppertunitites we'll have as we grow up.
Grades during school are there to show us how were doing in class. We can have an F but it doesn't mean were stupid, just maybe we didn't do homework or something. Kind of like guidlines in a way. If u have an A your well set and keep up the work. If u got a C, D, or F try harder and maybe take more then 5 minutes on your homework.

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Blogger Hannah J said...

Learning is a privlage. Its something that not every one is granted. Its good to be able to be intellegent and learn because it will help you in the long run, wether it is helping you in a job or getting into college or every day life. Learning affects everyone in the long run more then they realize. Grades are good beacuse they show you how well you did so can know if you need to improve or not. If you are not receiving the grade you want it's a good way to show you that you need to improve your study habits or get help from a teacher.

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Blogger Joyce B. said...

The purpose of learning is to acquire information that you will need to know later in your life. Learning is important so that you can get a good career when you grow up. It’s important to learn so you can communicate with other people. Learning is always important not just the what you learn at school, but also what you learn at home such as just learning to have a good time. I think the most important thing to learn is how to make the best out of life.
The purpose of grades is to assess students work. I think having grades makes it so students try to achieve strait A's. Another purpose of grades is to measure how well a student understands something or to measure how hard a student is working. I think the most important thing about grades is to identify the level of effort being put into something.

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Blogger Allison M. said...

The purpose of learning is to expand your knowledge. You need to learn to be successful in life. Learning helps you get into college and get a good job. Learning is something that not all kids have the privilege of doing, and it’s important to take hold of that opportunity because in the end learning is what gets you through your life. We also need to learn for our country because we are the future. The education that we receive will help us go on to better jobs that can find cures for cancer and achieve great things for ourselves.
Grades are also important. They let us know how we are doing and what we are learning. Without grades we have nothing to improve upon. They motivate us to work harder and push ourselves to get that A+ we've always wanted. They are a symbol of achievement and I think they are a very important part of the learning experience.

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Blogger mattc said...

Learning has been going on forever. It has been going on before mankind. Learning is the most important thing in the world. If we nevered knew how to learn or what learning was I wouldn't be commenting on this.I wouldn't be on the computer rigth now, I probably wouldn't know what the computer was. Learning is a privlage for maost people and some people aren't able to learn. Learning is something that teaches us how to speak, write, calculate problems,and learn past events. so learning to me is the most important thing in the world and i will try my hardest to learn as much as I can.
In school we get grades. What is the meaning of a letter that could get you in the most advanced college or the letter that can make you stay at home and eat and watch t.v. . so these letters basicly controls your life. that one letter is telling your the rest of life. For some that letter could be a good thing or it could mean a bad thing but either way you should try your hardest in school because it could be the funnest years of your life or it could be your worst. Its your choice.

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Blogger Ky K. said...

Learning is very important in life. To have a good future you need to learn. By learning you get intelligent and being intelligent is a key to a succesful life. The more that you learn as a kid the more you will achieve as an adult and in your career.
Grades are placed so that you will work. Usually the kids that get good grades are the ones that just do the work and think. Some of the kids i know that don't get good grades are not the stupid kids they are the ones that won't do the work and are lazy. Grades are also very important because they help you to get into better schools and colleges.

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Blogger Lia W-H said...

The purpose of learning is to enrich your life, to be able to do fun things. You can do fun things when your educated like read a book, or play chess (ect.). I think personally it is really important to learn, and grow as a person. School in general teaches you a vast, learning experience; you learn things from how to calculate how much you can spend on your budget, or how to make new friends. Your learn skills that will carry with you, your whole life. Things that will help you be a better person, or maybe just not look stupid in front of your friends. Learning is part of us, I mean even cave men were learning everyday, and they didn’t even have school.
Grades are vital to learning because it helps you correct your mistakes, or even be a better student. The pressure to have good grades is so immense that you almost are forced to do better than you can. If no one got grades then how would you know if you made a mistake, why would you even study? If grades weren’t existing then no one would be pushed to do great. No one would do great things because that pressure isn’t there, if your not expected to do all that you can then what’s the point?

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Blogger Kelsey W said...

Learning can help you so much. In order to learn you have to want to learn. Everybody wants to learn how to do or learn about something, because everybody is interested in atleat one thing. You never know when you are going to learn or need to know something, so you might as well try to learn. You also might want to impress someone, maybe like a college professor so you can be accepted into a good college. Maybe a manager of the place you might want to work at.
The purpose of grades are to know how you are doing in school, the reason you need to know how you are doing in school is to see how well you are learning.

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Blogger Jared D said...

The purpose of learning is so that u can move into the future and not repeat the mistakes that you made in the past. You cant get by in life if you dont learn. Second that, you cant not learn. everything you do on a daily basis is learning. Grades show how much you learn and how well you need to improve. Grades should be a guildline for you.

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Blogger Jared D said...

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Blogger Mike W. said...

Learning is a thing you want to take advantage in life. It makes who you are by increasing your knowledge in a variety of ways. By increasing your knowledge, you become more aware of what you need todo in life. Learning helps you in many great things and one of those things is grades.
Grades are connected to learning because learning makes your grades stay fantastic! Grades have a huge impact on your life when it comes to nurishment, and nurishment makes you survive.
Learning increases your grades, good grades get you a job, and jobs makes your life decision.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Danielle H. said...

I believe the purpose of learning is a broad subject, though the just of it know is for later in your life. Imagine being a science teacher but didn't know how to use a microscope or an engineer and did not know how to do math. You wouldn’t be able to do your job. Just look at the kids that dropped out of high school, they usually don’t live a rich life. This is because they didn't get the learning they would use in their future life.
I truly don’t believe there is a purpose of grades. The only thing is to show how well you did on your work. Then that creates a grade point average which you will use to get into college. I think the little notes or corrections the teacher writes on the students paper is more important. This shows the student why they got the grade. Then they can learn from it and not make the same mistake next time. Though grades are not all purposeless, they show the student what the teacher thinks of the work as a whole. It can also show how you did in a class as a whole. Grades also can tell you when you need to start working harder. Say you have a D in a class, and then it's time to start working harder. You wouldn’t know that information with out knowing your grade.

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Blogger Kevin Y said...

I beleive that the purpose of learning is to gain knowledge so you can go to college and get a good job. If you aren't smart then it is hard to do well at school but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try it just means that you should try harder. If you do well then you should be getting good grades and grades are very important becuse they tell you how well you are doing. If you aren't doing that great your grades will tell you that and it means that you should try harder.

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Blogger Jason K. said...

Well the purpose of learning is to be able to get a good job when you get older. You also have a better knowlge of what you should do in life. Like if you should go into a writing or science or anything like also have better oppertunitites when you are able to learn more. Then with grades you want to get good grades because that shows what you are good at. Even if you know that you know what they are teaching you should still do your best to know that you can do it. Also grades arn't for the teacher there for us. This helps us because we know what we can do and it is our job to show that we can do it. In fact that is what i think getting good grades and learning is.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Chelsea R. said...

Learning is really important in life. If you don't learn new things that will help you in life, it will be hard to be succesful in what you do for your future. You will always be learning something new, whether you want to or not, but you should be thankful that you are able to learn.
Grades are important because they let you know how you are doing. They don't tell you if your stupid or smart, they just tell you if you are giving it your all or if you are being lazy and not working hard. They also let you if you are understanding the material you are learning or not. You may be working hard on something and you can still receive a bad grade because you don't understand it. If you don't get it then it will let you know that you need to go get help from the teacher.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Lucy P. said...

In order to do anything in life, people need to learn. If babies didn't learn to walk, or crawl for that matter, every human being would be motionless blobs. We learn by experience, but we also learn from other people. Both types of learning are essential for anyone to get anywhere in life. During school, at home, or anywhere else in the world, people need to learn in order to succeed and survive.
Grades are a huge part in an individuals schoolwork. If a student doesn't get good grades, they won't get into a good college, and won't go far with their life. A student needs to receive grades in order to know how well they are comprehending the material they are given, and it helps for students to focus on their work.

8:06 PM  
Blogger Jenna F said...

The purpose of learning is to become a better person by learning from the mistakes of the past. We must be able to understand why the Revolutionary War was started and what a hyperbole is. These things help us become smarter and more mature.
The purpose of grades is to measure how well we do a certain skill. Grades tell you whether or not you need practice in a subject or you are very good at it and don't need to worry about. Grades at times, though, can be harsh and can lead to pressure from parents, sport teams, and friends. This can lead to kids working on homework and not being able to do anything else until that homework is perfect. It becomes stressful. Grades may be helpful but they can hurt people. It is as simple as that.

8:19 PM  
Blogger max l said...

The purpose of learning is to prepare you for life, and what is to come. If you do not learn you will never be ready for the real world and even everyday life. All of the subjects in school are to help you and to prep you for life, so that you can be successful, and make money to provide for a family, and yourself. Simple thigs that you learn in school can help you: like math you have to have that for everything; and language arts you have to have that or you will not talk the right way or even be able to read.

The purpose of grades are that you are in school and school is your job so you have to make a good income wich is your grades. And if you get good grades than you will be successful in your job. and that will lead to bigger things like college and even jobs in the future that you can do good at because you have the right practice which is school.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Sara A. said...

Learning is important because everyone needs to learn so that if you ever make a mistake then you will be able to change what you did wrong and you would remember never to do the same thing again. If no one learned from their mistakes then no one would never accomplish anything in life and they would just be stuck in a rut unable to move forward. Grades are important too because without grades then peolpe wouldn't know how they are doing in school. Without grades we would have no way of seeing if we are doing well or not. We wouldn't be able to change what we are doing wrong and we wouldn't be able to learn from it.

8:51 PM  
Blogger Adam T said...

Learning will help you succeed in life. The ability to learn may allow you to solve problems more effectively in the future. Learning exercises your brain. You have to learn how to do things before you can become good at doing them. An example of this would be swinging a golf club. You have to learn how to swing the golf club and then practice it before you can hit the golf ball with accuracy. Applying what you learn will give you future opportunities for a successful life, a good job, and even earn more money.
Good grades can make you feel good about yourself, as your grades usually reflect how you are doing in school. If you have a higher grade, that means that you are understanding the subject and you are doing well. Working hard in school may get you good grades, but applying what you have learned will allow you to succeed.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Tabitha M said...

The Purpose of learning is to incease the knowledge in our brains. And learning helps us understand the world and to help us comprehend stuff. We learn everyday without even knowing it, and when we learn, we inhance our selfbeings and we understand the basics of life. Grades are to show us what we have learned and what we are capible of learning. Everyone can get an A all they need is to study more and to learn. Which makes are grades a guide to tell us what we comprehend and if we are really trying or not.

9:20 PM  
Blogger KyleS said...

We learn so we can be an active member of society and grades are just there to help us know were we are in that class or subject.

9:25 PM  
Blogger rachelb said...

I think learning is a very important thing. If i didn't know anything, i would not get into a good college, get a good job, or be a successful person. With out learning we would not be able to function. We wouldn't know how to add, subtract, read or write. Everything we do in school is important because we can use it some time or another. Although it may seem useless, it is a skill we use daily. The purpose of grades are to make sure we are trying. Grades just show understanding and effort. If there was no motivation, people would not take school or learning seriously. Although school may seem like a hassle, it will be very useful later in life.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Brianne D. said...

In America we are very privileged to learn. Some countrys do not have schools like ours or rights to learn. You have to learn to be educated, to succeed in life. In our time and our generation it's important to have knowledge. You need it for jobs and life situations. And the way we get this knowledge and education is learning. We mostly learn in school. But you learn every second of your life with different lessons or mistakes. So mistakes are important too, because if you do not make errors than you will not learn. You must learn to succeed in life, to get further each day.
Personally, I think grades are very important. It is the only way you can succeed in school. If you get low grades you won't be able to participate in your school sport. Or worse you will fail your class and have to take it again. Also, you grades depend on if you get into college or not. The colleges look at your GPA. Which is your grade average, so if you have all F's than you won't be going very far. Also grades help the teacher know if your stuggling or just being lazy in class, so they can help you.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Dre H said...

learning is the thing that keeps us all alive. if we didnt learn through the generations we would all be dead. so learning is life. if you couldent learn you couldent acheive anything. and grades are important because if you dont get the grade you dont achieve in life and thats no good.

10:51 PM  
Blogger Spencer S. said...

Learning is an important part in life because, if you dont learn then you probably couldnt get a job and the world wouldnt get anywhere in technology or any of that stuff. Grades are also important because if you dont get grades no one will know how smart you are and you probably couldnt get into a good College or get a good job. So ya.

11:09 PM  
Blogger strahan k said...

You allways need to learn every day in life, always. The more we learn the better of we will be in life. We will have more job options than other people might. So if we're learning then it makes our grades important too. You need good grades to succeed. If you dont have a good grade spend a little extera time on the home work and youll improve.

6:35 AM  
Blogger Colby said...

The purpose of learning, is to expand your mind and get where you want to be in life. With knowledge, you can achieve many great things. It is always a good thing to learn more. If we did not learn anything, humans would probably not be here right now. Knowledge is everything in life. The purpose of grades is to show the improvments of a students. I believe grades are unfair in away because grades only measure how much knowledge a student knows, not how hard they tried. Grades can make you, or break you.

10:21 PM  
Blogger tyler said...

Learning is a privilege to everyone who wants to learn.Grades show how your doing in class. If you have an F it doesn't mean it's the end of the world you just have to try harder next time.

10:18 PM  
Blogger Alex A. said...

The purpose of learning is to keep making the world a better place for everyone, by making improvements on the things that we use every day. And the purpose of grades is to measure ho much we learn, by having us use the things that we have learned. We can't do anything without learning, and teachers make sure that we are learning by grading our progress.

3:16 PM  
Blogger Morgan H said...

The purpose of learning is to have different views on life I think. Learning is something that you will never stop in your life. It is something that not all people get to be able to do, with the environment we have. So I think we need to really respect learning and enjoy it as much as possible. If you want to have a good future, which I think most everyone would agree with, than we need to learn new and better things to further our career in life.
Grades, in my perspective are one of the most important things in life. Grades are a way of helping us learn. To see if you are learning anything or understanding what you are learning in life, they are just a guild line to help you see where you are at. When you see what your grades are, and the grades that your fellow students are getting it makes you strive to get better grades. If we didn't have grades I don’t know how much we would strive to be better.
In Conclusion you need learning and grades in your life to make you strive to the next level, and to get a good education, so that you can have a good job to support yourself and your family when you get older.

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