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Good Students, Class, and Teacher

Please answer each part.
What are the qualities of an effective/productive student? What are the qualities of an effective teacher? What does this class need in order to have a productive learning environment?


Blogger Kelsey W said...

The qualities of an effective/productive student are they have to be organized! Organazation is a key in being successful! They also have to do all of there homework! Along with that, you have to put everything you have into what you do!
A teacher is there to teach the students! They should also try to make learning fun for the students. Teachers shouldn't just tell and move on. They should help the students understand, because they dont learn anything!
A class should have a good learning inviorment. This includes students who dont judge people on what ever another student thinks. An inviorment where students can speak what they feel with out being uncomfortable.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Joyce B. said...

A productive student must pay attention and work hard/study. A productive student needs to keep track of everything. For a teacher to be effective they have to come up with activities that students will enjoy. An effective teacher should teach in a way that is interesting to the students. This class should be a comfortable place for students to express them selves. A classroom should be a calm place without distractions so it is easier for students to stay on track.

3:58 PM  
Blogger Allison M. said...

The qualities that an effective/productive student needs to have are organization, good behavior, and motivation. Students need to be organized so they can find their assignments to turn in the next day. They also need to have good organization skills so they can find their supplies and be ready for class. It's also important for students to have good behavior. So that the teacher and the students can work in a good enviroment, and we can all be productive. Motivation is also very important because we need to motivate ourselves and eachother to finish homework and study for tests. That way everyone will do great in our class.
A teacher should make things understandable for students, and learning should be something we look forward to. So an effective/productive teacher should explain her lessons in a way so that we are not afraid to ask questions. If the students don't understand the teacher should do his/her best to make sure we get it, because otherwise we do not benefit from your class.
A good learning enviroment should be a place that's quiet so students can work and not be distracted. But we also need to be able to communicate with eachother and ask questions freely. The classroom should be a place where no one is afraid to speak up, and everyone should feel comfortable.

4:03 PM  
Blogger Phil G. said...

I think the qualitiies of an effective/productice student which i agree and just noticed that Kelsey said, you have to be organized. Another thing to help is to possibly take notes on something new to you so when you get home and have the homework your not clueless on what to do. An effective teacher i believe will make the class a fun place to be and not do things straight out of the book if u know what i mean. For us to pay attention, well at least me, i would like it to be fun. This class to have a productive learning environment we will eventually get to know eachother and our personalities (i mean its only 2nd week of school) but as long as we help eachother, dont fight (of course)and all of us get along our learning environment should work out pritty well.

4:08 PM  
Blogger Chelsea R. said...

The qualities of an effective and productive student are doing your homework, listening to the teacher and other students, and taking notes in class. The teacher should make the learning enviroment a fun and an interesting place to learn. They should explain a hard lesson in way that the students could understand. The class should do fun projects that aren't stressful and that we would enjoy.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Tabitha M said...

The qualities of an effective/producive student is based on behavior and working abilites. A effective/productive student's behavior in class is important. Not talking or being a distraction in class make you effective and productive. Also working abilites. Doing your work in class and out of class and trying your hardest make you effective/productive. The qualities of a effective teacher are when she keeps the class on track and has great teaching abilites. Like keeping charge of the class and not having kids disbehave. Also for her to be able to communicate to the class and have what she is teaching understandable and making it easier to learn accurately. This class needs, no random talking, ready learners, and a producitve teacher to have a great learing environment. Also it needs a comfortable setting and no distractions in the classroom.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Ky K. said...

Students and teachers need to be able to work and learn together. Students need to be effective as well as teachers for that to happen. The qualities that a student would need to be effective are they need to pay attention in order to learn. In order to learn the teacher shouldn't talk and talk and talk they should make it fun for the students so it is easy for them to pay attention. Students also need to do their homework. Homework is the key. The main thing is if you do your homework and study than you will get good grades. That is not always the case but 90% of the time it is.
Teachers only have one problem these days, they don't make classes fun. The more fun that the class is the more fun the students have. When the teachers make the class fun the students have a more desire to learn. Teachers also need to help students not only teach and give them homework.
To be an effective classroom the students need to all respect each other and work together.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Jared D said...

a productive student must be willing to learn. They must Listen to what the teacher is saying that way they can comprehend it. A teacher must be fair. They must also listen to the student just as the student should listen to the teacher. The classroom should work together. If all the students and teacher work together then everything will run smothly and it will be a good learning environment.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Lauren L said...

The qualities of an effective/productive student are they have to work hard and be organized! If you don't even try on the homework or projects you do, chances are the teacher can tell and you won't get the best grade. But even if you don't do your best on every homework assignment, it is still better that you turn it in than to not turn it in at all. Being organized is probably the biggest factor in a effective student. Organization helps a ton! If you keep your homework and binders organized it will be alot easier to find stuff.
An effective teacher also needs to be organized and make learning fun for all the students. If the lesson is fun, the students will participate more.
For a classroom to be effective, I think the students need to be comfortable with one another because then we won't feel as intimidated to speak up in class.

6:44 PM  
Blogger Jason K. said...

Well to me there are many things that make a effective student. They need to be organized. this is for that u can find your stuff for this class really fast and easy. You also need to have a good study skills. You need this because if you want to be a successful student then u need to study every night over the thigs that we covered in class. Your attitude is also key. If the student has a good attitude then the Teacher will have one to. Then for a teacher to be effective with the students that need to do many things. i know with me i don't learn ass fast so i like a teacher that will help me when i need help with stuff. so it is nice to have a teacher that will let the student come to them with any problems they have. i know that is really important to me. Also just being able to have fun in class. This will make people feel welcome to say anything at anytime. It makes the class room feel more open to people.
A class should have a great learning inviorment. THe class room should should also be open for everyones Opinion. everyone should have a say in something. It should be a place were people can come to know that this class will be fun.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Hannah J said...

Qualities of an effective/productive student are that they need to be organized and responsible. I believe that it is easy to succed when you complete your homework, study hard, keep track of papers and assignments, and be involved in class discussions and questons. The teacher should be able to meet the specific needs of each individual student. They need to be fair and teach topics in a way students can understand and soak up the information. The learning environment in a class needs to be comfortable and welcoming. Each student should feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. The room needs to be able to teach a learner of this day where we feel like we understand what is going on.

6:49 PM  
Blogger Lucy P. said...

Wow. Looks like I'm a little late on my homework tonight. Well, here we go.

The qualities of an effective or productive student mainly rely on organization. If a student is organized, it will be much easier for him/her to succeed in classes. Also, paying attention in class helps a student to succeed. If someone pays attention in class, takes good notes, and is always prepared, they are more likely to do well. Most importantly, the completion of homework and class work is crucial to a student’s success. If a student does all their work and does it well, they will not only understand the work that they were given, but use the information to accelerate in their classes.
In order to be an effective teacher, most of the same qualities of a successful student are required. A teacher always needs to be organized. If a teacher walks into class with no idea what they had planned for class, they will hurt themselves as well as their students. Also, a teacher needs to look at the students in two ways; as individuals and as a class. A teacher should set class expectations, but if they notice that a particular student is struggling in an area, they should try to help them individually. Last, a teacher needs to be able to have fun and be creative in their classes. Instead of just copying notes out of the book, they should plan fun activities and assignments that will make the students enjoy learning the material.
In order for this class to have a productive learning environment, the students as well as the teacher need to feel comfortable with each other. I think that the presentations earlier today helped with that. Also, everyone needs to know that they can say or ask what they need to without feeling stupid or having people make fun of them. As long as everyone in the classroom is comfortable with each other and they feel that they can express themselves, any learning environment will be productive.

Ok, it was a little long, but it was an interesting topic to write about.

7:24 PM  
Blogger max l said...

I think that the qualities of a productive student are, that they listen, and they are attentive in class, and that they are also paying attention so that they can get good grades and understand what the teacher is trying to get us to learn. The qualities of an effective teacher ARE , that they give help to all the students that they have in class, and that they try to make learning fun and understandable. I think that this class needs both of these kinds of things in the classroom to succeed, so that we can all have fun and learn at the same time.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Danielle H. said...

The main qualities of an effective/productive student is to walk in the class room with all his/her homework done,good attitude, and all the supplies needed. Such as if someone doesn't have their homework done then they will not be abke to participate in class. Though if they only come to class with their homework, then they still won't have to needed materials to participate in class. also to come in to class with a ready to learn attitude is extremel important. If he/shew walks in tuning everything out, they won't learn one single thin or understand the days after that.
Teachers are not only there to teach students but to learn from them and with them. The teacher should also teach the subject in a way that the students will remember it 2 weeks later. Such as hands on learning or with a song to remember.
A productive learning enviroment can be many things. I think it's a place where there is no distractions and and judgement. I no if there was people wispering something about what i said i probly wouldn't as confident with my answer. i also think it's a good learning enviroment when everyone gets along and agrees or has friendly agruements.

8:16 PM  
Blogger Brianne D. said...

The qualities of an effective/ productive student is that they need to participate. The class won't get anywhere if no one participates or shares their ideas. I think when a person participates we can learn from them and about them. Another key to being an effective student is motivation if the student is motivated they will do their homework and try to make the class better. Also organization, listening to others, and working hard should be the goal for an effective / productive student.
I think the role of an effective teacher is to care about the students and want to do anything for them to help them to succeed. And of course teach the students so we can learn. If there is no caring for the students and wanting to succeed then they will not want to succeed because no one cares. A teacher is a very important role in a students education, so there also need to be relationships, so the teacher knows what the students need.
Finally, I think the classroom need rules but to also be a calm environment for us to learn. Where we can relax but get something out of it. Rules like respecting others and listening. But i think that we learn better in a fun environment where we won't be judged for our thoughts.

8:19 PM  
Blogger Jenna F said...

An effective student has good study skills. No matter what they get there homework done on time and at a decent time. When i say a decent time i mean they don't stay up until 11 doing it i mean they are done with it by eight or nine. They have time to spend doing other things. There life doesn't revolve around homework but it is a part of it.
An effective teacher makes class fun. You don't have to spend forever on your lessons but each should have something fun in them. It is simple things that make class fun. Kids tend to not be so distracting they are having fun.
The classroom needs have students who interact with eachother. You have fun and spend time getting to know the other students and the techer doesn't have to spend long boring hours playing name games. It is better for both teacher and student.
Mrs. Comp,
I had a much longer version of this but i hit the preview button and it erased all my writing. I got carried away and spent 30 minutes on it. So if this isn't enough, sorry. i had spent enough time on it already.

8:22 PM  
Blogger strahan k said...

The qualities of an effecctive/productive student is deffinately full attention to whoever is speaking, because they know that they could hav helpful information to give. Another thing is organization and time. You need to be organized to be productive. If your not organized you will losse stuff like your homework and will end up in trouble. So you have to set aside time to be organized. You also have to set aside time for doing your homework or else you cant get good grades because you will loose daily points. So time and organization are really important. Allong with that you must come as prepaired to class as you can. I know some times early in the year people don't hav all their supplies right away. Maybe because their parents couldnt take them to the store or didnt have enough money at the time so they have to wait. However you need to be prepaired so you hav to get to the store and get your supplies so you're ready for class. Until then borrow a friends.
A teacher should meke learning fun for the students. They cant just explain something and expect everyone to understand it. Thats not the way it works. They need to explain spend maybe a couple days, 2 at most on a topic if some students dont get it. What helps me is if we do activities on a subject because im a visual learner and a person that learns even better when trying stuff then getting a chance to perfect it.
Finally a class room enviornment should be a place where people can say wat they want freely as long as its not offensive. There shouldn't be anyone left out of a group conversation or someone that fells like they could get picked on for saying something. It should be a place for fun and a place where you can have a casual conversation and go a little bit off topic for a while as long as you get back on topic eventually. A place where some can say what they want to say.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Colby K said...

The qualities of an effective/productive student are they have to have good work ethic, meaning always doing their work, they always show up on time, they never cheat, they are self motivated, they challenge themselves, and basically do whatever it takes to do well and then some. The qualities of a good teacher are to always believe in the students and make class fun. If class isn't fun then the students will not do well. I mean who wants to memorize things all day!? In order for the class to have a productive learning environment, kids need to be able to ask questions and speek freely on what they believe, but also the classroom needs to be quiet. I know when the class is loud it is very easy to get distracted and very hard to concentrate on your studies. In all, good students should have good work ethic, the teacher should believe in the kids and make class fun, and the kids should be able to ask questions without feeling uncomfortable.

9:15 PM  
Blogger Adam T said...

Effective students are those who find ways to learn. This includes being organized, having good listening habits, having good study habits, and completing their homework assignments.
Effective teachers are those who can explain an idea or topic in a way that students learn and want to learn.
A good learning environment would be in a classroom where students are comfortable with, and respect their teachers and peers.

9:33 PM  
Blogger Sara A. said...

I think that to have a successful classroom the students must listen. They should be ready to work and have all of their supplies when they enter the classroom, including homework. The students should be ontime and the teacher should have any homework or anything that the students should be working on on the board. The students should be open minded to whatever their fellow classmates have to say. The teacher should be able to connect with the students and the students should feel safe to express their feelings and not to be shy. The students should feel comfortable when the are speaking to the teacher or in front of the class.

9:35 PM  
Blogger rachelb said...

A very important quality of a student is that they need to be able to communicate. If the student can't communicate with a teacher or other students, they can't learn from what other people have to say. I also have to agree that organization is important. An effective teacher needs to also be organized and prepaired and also they obviously need to know what they are talking about. A teacher can't teach information that they don't know. Also, people learn better when they are having fun and interacting. So a teacher should know when to coordinate into the learning. For this class, I think if we all feel open to eachother and eachothers ideas, it would make everybody more comfortable in class and people would not be afraid to say what they think.

9:51 PM  
Blogger TiffanyV said...

An effective/productive student is a student that wants to learn and is willing to do there best in his/her classes. A productive person also must be organized.
Being an effective teacher is to always keep the students attention and make learning fun, but still teaching what is needed to learn.
This class needs to pay attention and do there homework to have a productive learning environment.

7:47 AM  
Blogger TiffanyV said...

An effective/productive student is a student that wants to learn and is willing to do there best in his/her classes. A productive person also must be organized.
Being an effective teacher is to always keep the students attention and make learning fun, but still teaching what is needed to learn.
This class needs to pay attention and do there homework to have a productive learning environment.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Alex A said...

The qualities of a good student are that the student is where they need to be at the right time, and they are ready to listen and learn. An effective teacher needs to be able to relate what they are teaching to the lives of the students, and be ready to answer any questions that the students have about the topic. A good, and effective class needs to be a good environment for learning, and the people in the class need to be able to do work when it is time, and not be disruptive.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Spencer S. said...

The qualities of a good, effective student are cooperation, with out cooperation the teacher might not trust the student. Another big part for students success is organization. Organization is big because without it the student could lose his/her work which i know from experience would suck. A good teacher would also need good cooperation, organization, and patience. Cooperation and patience are probably grouped together because, the teacher needs to be able to actually agree with the student (on some things), and the teacher cant yell at the student, well they can but probably dont want to. A good classroom definatly needs to be quiet, because students and maybe teachers need to concentrate to actually be successful.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Mike W. said...

A successful student should be focused and attent to all needs of getting along with the teacher and classmates. Focus helps make everyone listen to what others have to say, and maybe they might learn something. You never want to ignore someone's comment, if you do then u won't get some R E S P E C T!!! Also, you want a student to be attent so that they show discipline. A discipline student is a good student(my aunt told me that...). Finally, you want to make them feel good about themselves so that they can prosper through the class.

7:11 PM  
Blogger mattc said...

the qualities of an effetive/productive student are they have to beleive in them selves. That is a key part in being successful. With out that you would not be able to complete many things because you would not be able to beleive in your self. students should also complete their homework. Those are some key things to work on to be successful at school. Teachers should think of ways to teach that is fun.A class should get along with each other or it would be hard to focus on their work.

7:33 PM  
Blogger mattc said...

The qualities of an effective/productive student are the ones that beleive in them selves.that is a key way to be effective in school. Another way to be effective in school is to finish all your homework and also study for tests in a week in advanced, not the night before.A teacher should not just teach the class but make learning fun in a way that is fun for everyone. The class should get along with every one. If that is possible it would make learning much easier.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Kevin Y said...

In order to be an effective student you need to participate in class. You also should be very organized because when you are it is a whole lot easy then if you aren't. You should also be a good listener. In order for a teacher to be successful they should try not to give many lectures because the lectures are extremely boring to listen to. They should try to get the whole class participating in an activity as much as possible. I believe that this class needs to be involved in group assignments in order to learn better because you can remember easier if you do a group thing. I also think that the students in this class should be able to say what they want without getting uncomfortable.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Lia W-H said...

I think that a student needs to be attentive to what he/she is learning.Also understanding to his/her's class mates, or teacher.
Respectful, to everyone. Also bring there supplies to class, be ready.
The teacher needs to be understanding too. And have fun with what they're teaching, really get into it. Because I know when i'm having a great time I learn more and really focus, its hard to sit in a chair for 6 hours and listen to someone talk about something that your not intrested in. I also think that the teacher should be ready for class, organized.
The inviroment for a class room should be fun, but still includes learning. I know that I learn better when I connect to whatever it is I am doing. Also I think that the class should be really suportive to a speaker, friend/classmate.

9:22 PM  
Blogger MorganH said...

The Qualities of an effective or a productive student is LISTENING. If you never listen in life than you wont live. You have to be able to hear the directions. You need to be doing your homework when it is assigned. You have to be a very organized person. Give it your all and you will be a very effective and a very productive student.
When you are an effective teacher you listen to your students. You try and figure out ways to make your class room a fun envioroment with still getting work done. A good teacher teaches his/her students. They don't just stand there, teach your students.
The last thing for a good classrooom is learning new and different things. A good invironment were students want to come and learn.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Dre H said...

I think that in order to be a good student you have to have a good attitude towards school. because if you dont have a good attitude towards school than you wont be succesfull because you have no motivation.

A good quality about a teacher is to make class fun because if it werent fun I honestly wouldent want to be there.

I get hungry, And I get hungry alot. occasional brain food as we disscused earlyer seems like a wonderfull idea because it wont only wake me up it would also get my mind of my tummie ha and into my school work

7:06 AM  
Blogger KyleS said...

Students have to be on task to prform well and also need to be ready to lear. they cant be distractive and need to be able to keep up. Teachers need to acomadate all types of students.

11:32 PM  
Blogger KyleS said...

Students have to be on task to prform well and also need to be ready to lear. they cant be distractive and need to be able to keep up. Teachers need to acomadate all types of students.

11:33 PM  

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