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Conflicting Conflicts

What sort of conflict is worse to endure?: man vs. man, man vs. nature, or man vs. self? Do you need to be a stronger person for some types of conflict? Please make sure to give specifics-justify your response; a sentence is not a repsonse-remember!


Blogger Jared D said...

Personally for me the hardest conflict would be man against himself. If your fighting with yourself then what can you accomplish. You can hold yourself back from activities and situations if your fighting with yourself about what to do. It's no way to live and no way to go about your day. There are more important things you could be doing. If your fighting with man or nature you can always overcome it or defeat it but you can never defeat yourself. There are different situations were you do need to be stronger. Death is a big one. you need to have more inner strength in a death situation rather than having it on a homework assignment. You just dont need as much inner strength.

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Blogger Joyce B. said...

I believe that man verses self is worse. I believe this because, with man verses man, after the conflict is resolved you most likely avoid the other person, but I don't see how a person could avoid them self. With man verses nature you can usually overcome the conflict and it will just be part of your past, but with man verse self you can't always overcome the conflict. I think allot of conflicts people have with them selves have to do with being self-conscious and that can be really tuff. That is why I think Man verses self is the hardest conflict to endure. I think there are definitely some types of conflicts that take more strength than others. I think man verses self conflicts take more inner strength than other conflicts. If a person was in a conflict where they were fighting a bear they would need more physical strength than the average person. There are also small conflicts that don't take much strength such as fighting about who gets to play with a certain toy. That is why I think that some conflicts take more strength than others.

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Blogger tyler said...

I think the hardest conflict would be man v.s man. If your fighting with someone else then your not helping him or yourself. if you and him are fighting over whats right then the both of you will never forgive each other.You to have to find a better solution if not then there will be no future with those two.

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Blogger Lauren L said...

I personaily think that man vs. himself or man vs. nature would be the hardest. With man vs. himself it is always hard because your fighting with your self so it is hard to overcome your problem if you can never come to a answer with your self. Man vs. nature isn't as hard but i stil think it is hard. With man vs. nature it is hard because sometimes nature can be so powerful you can't do anything about it. I think the easiest one would have to be man vs. man because you can always work that out by talking to the person or coming to a aggrement with the person instead of fighting. There are two diffrent kinds of "strong" though. There is physically strong and mentaly strong. To be physiacally strong means so have outer strength and that always come in hand if you are fighting man vs. man of man vs. nature. You have to be mentaly strong to overcome your slef though.

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Blogger Phillip G. said...

Good question, but I would think that man vs. nature is the hardest to endure. You can stop man vs man battles and man vs self, but we have no control of any situation that nature brings us. Hurrican, Tornado, flud, thunder, ect, everything nature posseses, no human can hold back. Man vs. man conflict any one can go up to and stop but man vs self would be harder but you can over come it. Honostly who know's your self better then you? Nature is the one major conflict that we can't stop.

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Blogger Alex A. said...

I believe that the hardest type of conflict to endure is man vs. self. This is the hardest type of conflict to endure because, when it is a man vs. man, or man vs. nature, whatever the conflict may be, it is seen, and anticipated. In some cases of man vs. self conflict it is not seen coming. Also, people are usually fine with punishing others, but they will not do anything to harm themselves. Another reason that it is hard to deal with this type of conflict is that even if someone decides to stop doing something, if it has become a habit for them, they will have a very hard time changing themself. Many people, not just in stories, deal with some type of man vs. self conflicts, some large, and some small, but nevertheless, these conflicts are very hard to overcome. All of the types of conflicts are hard to cope with, but the hardest is man vs. self.

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Blogger Adam T said...

I believe that man vs. self is the worst to endure. This is because it is you against yourself. You can never win in this battle. The harder you fight yourself, the more likely that you are going to become hurt. An example of this is in sports. If you don’t think that you can accomplish something, like making a team, then you are not going to make it. Your body only does what your mind tells it to do. If your mind doesn’t believe, then your body is not going to work as hard. So, the result is not making a team, and then getting mad at yourself for not making it.
I think that you do need to be stronger for some types of conflict. I believe that in a man vs. man conflict, you need to be strong enough to back away and realize that all you are doing is wasting your time. In a man vs. self conflict, I believe that you also need to be strong enough to stand up to yourself. In a man vs. nature conflict, I believe that you do need to be somewhat strong, but you also have to realize that you have no control over nature, so why fight it, instead defend yourself from it.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Lucy P. said...

I think that the hardest type of conflict to endure is man versus self. If the conflict is internal, it is much harder to rise above it and conquer it. When a conflict is man versus man or man versus nature, the man is forced to work to overcome the conflict. If it is man versus himself, he might not work to his full potential, because he has nothing to overcome but issues within his heart and head.
I believe that it takes a stronger person to overcome certain conflicts. For example, a conflict of man versus himself: only the strongest people can stand up to themselves and work through their inner problems. With a conflict like man versus nature, even the weak can survive, as long as they are stronger than the other force.

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Blogger Hannah J said...

I think that each is hard in a different way, depending on the person and the situation. Man vs. self can be difficult because sometimes you can’t figure your self out, and it may be complicated. Man vs. nature can also be difficult because we can’t control nature or any other outside force. Nature can be just as harmful to us as another human. Man verse man can also be hard to endure but maybe not so much as the others. I think this only if it is a case of fighting where if you are stronger clearly you can win in a fight, but it may be difficult if someone has you in a situation that you can’t escape. I think all of the things man face can be difficult it just depends on the person and the situation.

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Blogger Mike W. said...

I truly think man versus himself is the most hurtful in many ways. Someone who has to fight against themselves is unable to make decisions or anything! A person who fights verse himself is desposing of his enemy and his entire being. People may have difficulties, but when you are fighting yourself you cannot fix them. Man versus himself is kinda like a disease, it hurts you from the inside out until you are out of reach for help.

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Blogger Danielle H. said...

The conflicts are all hard to endure, though the worst conflict or hardest is man verse self. I believe this because no one is harder on you than yourself. I no from experience when I would miss a dive my coach would get a little mad but Ii would tear myself apart. You also have to be the strongest in man verse self. This is because you have to be able to pull yourself together and get over it. For instance same thing in diving I will tear myself apart but I have to be strong and pull myself together. I have another dive to do so I will need good thoughts not bad which is tough. Even though you have to be strong for all of the conflicts because you do have to pull yourself together and switch from bad thoughts to good which is difficult in any situation.

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Blogger Allison M. said...

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Blogger Allison M. said...

I think the worse kind of conflict would be man against himself, because you're dealing with your own struggles and problems. It's hard to fight against ones self becuase you can't put it off or avoid it, the problem is always there inside of us. I also think that a conflict that is man against himself can be tougher on the one who is struggling, because it can involve your own falws and problems. In some conflicts you do need to be a stronger person. When you're fighting against someone else you might need more physical strenth, and when fighting nature you might need to be stronger in knowledge. I think we need to most strength when fighting ourselves because the strength needs to come from inside of us. We need to be able to push ourselves and have confidence.

6:10 PM  
Blogger mattc said...

Personally i think that the worst conflict is man vs. himself. The only way to move on in life is to beleive in your self that you can concure anything that you put your mind to. There is no way any body can do anything when they hate them selves physically and mentally. If you have a problem with your self you should sovle that problem before you do anything else. If you fight man vs. man there will always be one loser but man vs. himself there can be two winners. They both can feel good about each other because they are one person.

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Blogger Chelsea R. said...

I think that man vs. self. Nobody really wins when you are fighting with yourself. This conflict can mess everything up. There are different types of being strong. If you are talking physically strong, then man vs. nature and man vs. man are harder. But if your talking mentally strong, then man vs. self is harder because you have to overcome a bigger opstical, yourself.

6:21 PM  
Blogger Jenna F said...

I beleive that man vs. man is harder to endure because you go up against another His person can be someone you don't know or someone you trust, but either way you must go up against them for your own reasons. You have to fight a person and unless you are the type of person who likes to have confrontations, then you will regret or be hesitant in fighting them. It is our way of life. We as humans must try to help everyone live. We attempt to leave nobody behind. I only say attempt because there are a few people in this world that do not believe in this principle. That is just the way someone is born or lives.
The answer to this question is varied. In the case of man vs. man you have to be physically stronger to survive. You have to be able to beat the other person. In man vs. nature you have to be very strong both mentally and in your will. You have to be smart about how you go against nature and when everything seems like it will fail, then you have to have the will to keep at it until you achieve your goal.In the case of man vs. self a person must have a strong sense of self and be emotionally balanced. They must be able to handle any thing that happens to their personality or body. When from every where in their body and mind they are being told to change or submit they must know who their true self is and what matters to them. ( Hey. What matters! HEHEHEHEHE) They must stay they way they choose. It is their choice. In the end, each conflict requires a different strength. That is the only way to face each one and be able to win at it.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Ky K. said...

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Blogger Ky K. said...

What I consider the kind of conflict that would be the worse would be man versus himself. When man fights man they can always find a resolution, but it might always be poitive. Man against nature can always be overcomed by just killing the animals or plants, though how bad it may seem that's what could happen if needed. When fighting yourself you are only bringing yourself down. When fighting yourself you can't accomplish anything. This kind of conflict you would need to be a stronger kind of person so that you wouldn't let your concience get to you. An example of this is that if someone in school thinks that they are really stupid and will never get good grades, he/she is most likely going to complete those thoughts. So think positive and don't let that inside voice get to you.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Kyle S said...

All conflicts are equaly bad. Like man vs man, Bush and america vd osama binlodin. A man vs natuer is like Steve Irwin and the ray and also the amount of trees we cut down and nature has devistating storms like tornados and sunamies.' I dont no much about man vs man but im geussing like a person killing him/herself wich is bad so ya.

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Blogger max l said...

I think that it is harder when it is man vs self. For one because that perticular situation might involve courage. Like if you are nervous about something and you need to step up your courage and deal with the certain situation. Because courage is one of the most important things in a persons life. And yes you do need to be strong for certain situations and conflict, like ones where a person or both people need to use a lot of courage to deal with a situation. This kind of thing happenes every day and i respect every person who has the courage to do something that they are nervous about because they think that it is the right decision.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Brianne D. said...

This was personally a hard question for me because each conflict has its pros and cons. But personally I think man verses self is the hardest. This is because you’re yourselves biggest critic. May it be looks or grades, there is lots of critiquing a person gives themselves. Failure is probably hardest for me to take. I believe humans hold themselves at the greatest standers. Man verses himself is especially hard working with sickness. Let it be mental or physical the person is fighting against himself. But man verses man and man verses nature are equally difficult. I think fighting against someone of your own kind is hard also because humans care so much about companionship. Also, nature’s difficult because it's unpredictable in most situations and it can't be stopped. Finally I believe that a person has to be stronger in different ways for different conflicts. But again I think that the stronger situation for a person is man verses himself, because it is fighting struggle against a persons own body.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Kevin Y said...

I believe that the worst conflict to endure is man vs. himself because you can't win. When you fight yourself you will always win and lose and when you lose you end up making yourself feel not important. I think that when you verus nature or another man it is easier because you can win and when you do it makes you feel better about yourself. You also don't need to be as a strong of a person to verus those things but you still be strong. You need to be a very strong person inorder to verus yourself because you have to get over the problem and just deal with the consequences.

7:48 PM  
Blogger Sara A. said...

I think that the hardest conflict would be man v.s. man. When we fight against ourselves then you already know what our weaknesses are. When we fight with other people then we have to guess what their weaknesses are and when you guess wrong then it could hurt you. Even though when you are fighting against yourself you can never stop thinking about it, we also think about our opponents all the time too. We think about how we can be better then them and how we can defeat them. I am a really competitive and I know that after I lose a game I am always thinking about that game and how I could have played better. After that one game I begin to think about it all the time and I use my mistakes to make me better for the next game. Everyone can fight with themselves who is equally as good but it is harder when you are fighting against someone who is better than you.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Lia W-H said...

Fighting man vs. self would be the hardest. For man vs. nature it’s fighting against something that you can’t control, or even predict. Not knowing your opponents next move, would make the conflict really tough to endure. But when you know your own move you’d fight yourself to make it better, to keep fixing it, improving it.
Fighting yourself would be terrible; who would you go to run away from yourself? How could you protect yourself? I think that you would have to have so much self confidence to fight yourself. You would have to be mentally strong. When you’re fighting nature you would have to be smart I think, like try and figure out signs. When you’re fighting man vs. man, I think you would have to be physically strong; to beat him/her up. But I also think that you would have to be smart and know who your fighting so you could try and predict there next move.

8:47 PM  
Blogger strahan k said...

I think the man vs. man is the hardest. Mainly because you dont know their weaknesses or strengths. So you apply what you know to the conflict but he might have something better to block your attack if it were a fist fight. You just dont know what he is gonna do. He could go right or left metaphoricly speaking. So if he defends what ever it was that you threw at him you might be discouraged and then loose morall which would give the opponent the competetive edge. So if i had to choose i think man vs. man is the hardest; because its pretty much a guessing match and you would have no idea of the opponent would do.

9:05 PM  
Blogger rachelb said...

Each conflict is difficult to endure, but for me the hardest would be man verse nature. It is impossible for a person to overpower a storm or a natural dissaster. Nature has most of the power over humans. It is easier with man verse self and man verse man because it is possible to come to a compromise. Whereas there is no way for humans to talk to nature and come to an agreement.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Colby K said...

Although all of these conflicts are hard to deal with, I believe the hardest conflict is man verses nature. With man verses self, or man verses man, you can overcome whatever your conflict is or even stop the conflict before it happens. However, nature is unstoppable and has, most of the time, very little for-warning. People can't stop tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanoes, floods, etc... They are disasters that have cost many people lost lives. A great example, and most recent, is hurricane Katrina. It was a very tragic time for many family’s. In conclusion, man verses nature is the hardest conflict to deal with because it is unstoppable an has caused many deaths.

9:57 PM  
Blogger Tabitha M said...

I Believe it would be man vs. self. All your actions and feelings revolve around yourself. You wouldn't have man vs. others or man vs. nature if you were able to understand yourself and be who you are. I belive if you can't be peaceful with yourself and loving who you are then it makes it impossible to even love anything else so it creates a comflict with nature or others. If you are against yourself then you might as well be against everything else to, for that is how it will usually end up.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Kelsey W said...

The hardest conflict would probably be man vs. himself. If you beat up your self for doing something then you will keep doign it until you do something about it! Whether beating your self up is your emotions, actions, or thoughts, then even then you will still take it out on someone or thing! You need to be strong on the inside to over come your feelings. If you have a strong inside then you can set your mind to something and then build up the confedence to do what ever that is! So if you cant keep everything inside then take it out on something that wont hurt anybody!

10:22 PM  
Blogger Dre H said...

I think man vs. man is the hardest conflict because you never no what the other person is going to do so everything is unexpected. and they can phyisicly hurt you. And thats no good because that hurts. And man vs. self isnt that bad cuz ive never really fought with myself so i dont no how that is. So ya man vs. man

11:37 PM  
Blogger Lamont said...

I believe that the worst conflict to endure is man versus self. If you have problems with yourself you are making it hard to get anything accomplished because you believe that whatever you have done is all your fault or you cannot change it most of the time. It is all about being self-confident and not a lot of people have that skill. Therefore, if you have conflict with yourself it somtimes never gets resolved which makes it the worst to run into.


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